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Innocurrent how to make money with PTC InnoCurrent

Innocurrent review and how to make money with PTC Innocurrent  – In my post this time, I will try to review the best PTC site list, reliable and legitimate are still paying member states so far, and that I will review this time is PTC Innocurrent,

What is PTC Innocurrent?

Innocurrent is  one of the Paid To Click or PTC web sites where you can make money just by viewing ads. You can also advertise your blog or website at a reasonable price.

How to make money with Innocurrent?

The first thing you should do is to  log into innocurrent  . Upon completion of the login registration in your account, then go to the Winning Start menu on the left of the screen and pay a visit to a website for some time and you can get some credit points.

How will you be in Pay?

You will be paid through electronic service. You can use Paypal or AlertPay.

Are Innocurrent Internet Sign In?

The answer is yes, 100% free. Without costing a penny to upgrade your membership to display ads with high scores, this is the advantage over other innocuent PTC.

As a daily average revenue at InnoCurrent?

Income varies according to the activity you are doing, certainly in PTC Block the more ads you clicked the more income in the can. However, the average income as I tasted was $ 0.10 per day, including a higher value compared to other PTC.

Free registration

OK, now let’s review a little more about PTC InnoCurrent


My review focuses on how to get money from innoCurrent and on issues related to the pros and cons of your website.

Also, I will answer questions that often arise in the PTC forum is “Do InnoCurrent Legit or Scam?”. So I hope you’re still excited reading my review to learn more about InnoCurrent.

InnoCurrent launched in February 2016 by the same administrators who owns Ayuwage. This site is one of the high paying PTC. With average daily income between $ 0:10 – 00:15, higher compare results from other famous PTC sites at this time.

PTC sites InnoCurrent not typical “Bux Model” where you see an ad for a few seconds and paid. Instead of cash, you will be rewarded with credit points that can be exchanged for real money once you get to 10,000 loans (worth $ 5).

In addition, there are special instructions that you need to follow for your income credit. And Innocurrent requires its members to strictly follow these instructions or you will receive a notice or you will receive a notice that culminate in the permanent suspension of your account.

But do not worry, because a lot of possible causes for your account suspended due to technical problems only. You will not be punished for something you do not make mistakes.

Examples of technical issues such as the site can not be loaded. Or you are not targeting a specific ad.

InnoCurrent able to detect unusual activity you can do to increase your income. Remember, you only collect a warning point if you do not follow the instructions.

How to get money from InnoCurrent

Viewing Passive Trip And Trip (Menu View)

Just like other PTC sites, you can make money with innocurrent by looking at a website, what sets you apart is that you must follow special instructions for a job so you will be credited as I described above.

See website  -> 1-3 perwebsite credit that you visit.


  • Read site title and description
  • Visit the website and click the box
  • View site content
  • View Full Site

Passive site  -> Credit 3-6 website visitation


  • Read site title and description
  • Visit the website and click the box
  • View site content
  • Waiting on the website you open for 20 seconds

View Site and Focused Site Standards (Default Menu)

This is another way to get the money from viewing a website, the difference is that you are invited to click on a link or ad on a page. And pay this higher task compared to other PTC sites.

Default Site  -> 5-10 Loan site visitation


  • Read site title and description
  • Visit the website and click the box
  • View site content
  • Waiting on the website you open for 10 seconds
  • You must click on one (1) link that interests and  one

Focus ->  Website visitation 15-30 credit


  • Read site title and description
  • Visit the website and click the box
  • View site content
  •  Waiting on the website you open for 10 seconds
  • You must click on one (1) link that interests you

Navigating the site (Explore Menu)

Innocurrent recently doubled increase to the value of the task was completed, Sample; If a 30-60 credit means you will get 60-120 credit. Which means you will get $ 0: 03-00: 06 pertugas that your $ finish.

Like, right Legit?

Let’s continue reading …

Explore site ->  60-120 sites persitus you visit ($ 00:03 – $ 00:06)


  • Click the box under the red
  • Copy the URL of a site you go
  • Return to the innocurrent page and paste into a column that was provided
  • Go back to the pages that you open earlier, and then click the internal links in the site
  • Copy your internal links go to
  • Return to innocurrent page and paste the link went to the second column
  • After your return to the last page and click on the external banner (instead of the site link)
  • Go back to innocurrent page and paste it in the third column
  • Finally click send and wait for you on the scan task

E-mail (e-mail Menu)

This task is not reading an email but you will receive an email and click on a link you received in the email and watch it for about 10 seconds and you have 15-30 credits. It is so easy ..

E-mail  -> 15-30 credits per website view


  • Adding promotional email innocurrent contact (“”) to email you in innocurrent
  • Click on the website title, then the email will reach your inbox
  • After you click on the link from the website you received in your email to
  • Surviving on the site you open for 10 seconds
  • Finally, you have to click on a link that interests you

Search Site (Menu Search)

This is not a complex task, you just need to find a certain website using keywords that are already available. It only takes 10 seconds and click the link in the direction of interest to you, so you can get a 25-50 persitus search You visit. 

Search Site  -> 25-50 credits per search and visit


  • Open a new tab or a new window in your browser
  • Search for keywords they need and enter the keywords search engine right
  • After that click on certain sites that were found in the search engines
  • View site content
  • Stay on page for 10 seconds
  • Within 10 seconds you should click on the link that interests you
  • After all the above tasks you have done, and then click Done.

Holiday Special (Special Menu) 

This task requires a screenshot as proof of your work, and send them to the innocurrent website.

It was a bit uncomfortable for this task but you will get the rewards are large enough that 100-400 perwebsite has already visited.

Remember if !!! Read the instructions that were provided by the site as you go.

Special website  -> Credit 100-400 persitus that you visit

Attributions  :

  • Visit a website, read the instructions and complete the duties
  • Make an image of the work you are doing on that site
  • Back to the site and send us the innocurrent evidence
  • You will receive credit within 24 hours of your assignment in review

Site Survey

Although this is about research, but the task here is not just about research, because there are other tasks that you download an application and run it at the specified time.

This task is common as well as other PTC sites.

But this task is rarely required because time is required for a long time but in return you will receive later is large enough for that 250-2000 credit per job you have completed.

Site Survey  -> 250-2000 Credit Perks You Have Completed

Attributions  :

  • Read the instructions of a site you visit
  • Complete these tasks according to the site instructions
  • The process of reviewing your work will be done by the parties to the new 3 you can receive the credit.

Live website and interactive sites (Live Menu)

Basically these two is autosurfing program that offers the opportunity to earn 250 credit hours. This task is similar to the autosurfing task of other PTC except for interactive sites that require activity to navigate sites that appear before the next location appears.

Live site  – 50 credits per hour pertugas you’re making

Attributions  :

  • View the site and allow your browser to navigate
  • Visit the site by clicking the box
  • Your credit is based on how many time surfing sites
  • If you want to navigate the site longer, you can right click on the site before changes pop up and then open a new tab.

Interactive site  – 250 credits per hour per click you make

Attributions  :

  • View the content of a site in a new window
  • You have to interact (click) on the content of the site to continue
  • You will receive a credit based on the length of time interacting with the website
  • If you want to navigate the site longer, you should open a new window before the change has occurred.

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