Afilio – Europe’s largest affiliate program!

And here we are again with an affiliate program where you earn by advertising banners on your website or blog like others already presented here: Google Adsense; Boo-Box; Spider Ad and others.

We’ll talk in detail about the Afilio advertising program, where you bank the advertiser and win in a variety of ways; just choose the best and start earning with your website or blog and other creative means you want to apply.

The important thing is you make money without limit! And with these systems you generally have good results if you have a blog with good positioning and visits. Otherwise it may yield little, but will always yield through the ads.


Campaign Disclosure Website

Afilio belongs to Hi-media; is the largest online commercial representation network in Europe, with branches in Paris, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal and China.

There are more than 22 million Unique Visitors / month, almost 2 billion pageviews and in the home universe of Ibope are 600 million pageviews and 7 million unique visitors. Just kidding?

To Afilio, as the name itself says; works on affiliations with several companies and you gain by making disclosures to Afilio on your website or blog.

If you have a company and want to advertise more widely, just know more about Afilio and create your account.

Winning with Afilio

Hering Kids with 20% OFF To win with Afilio you must preferably own a website or blog that passes for the approval of the companies registered in the Afilio. This makes it easy to publicize your site’s campaigns. How much do you earn with Afilio?
Affiliates – Earnings vary greatly depending on the campaigns and banners applied on your site / blog. You simply put up the banners and Afilio takes care of everything else, contracts with clients that reach them and the calculations of your payment.
At Afilio you earn commissions for clicks on banners (CPC) up to sales (CPV) and hiring services from companies you disclose (CPA); cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) and double-click. There are numerous campaigns that you may be applying to advertise.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 100.00 and is deposited into your bank account once it reaches the minimum amount. As the movement on your site / blog, you can bill and much!

Enrolling in the program

Now I’ll teach you how to create your account in the affiliate program:
Click here to access the registration form;
Complete all the necessary information on the form from step 1;
Fill in the information about your site in step 2 and save;
Ready! Just wait for Afilio’s assessment to approve your site or not.
Note: An important detail is that your site / blog has a good amount of visits and daily views to be approved by Afilio. If you’re approved, just log into your account and use the disclosure tools to start earning.

If you do not get approved, you’ll have to wait for your site / blog to grow more … But do not give up because the more options you have on your list, the more money you have in your account.

There are actually some websites that use certain requirements that can get in the way of you trying to join the program, but it is worth the work or waiting time.

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Afilio – Europe’s largest affiliate program!
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