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Adscoin        30 – 30000 satoshi 60min

0 MINUTOS – 10 Satoshi. – 5 Satoshi.

1 MINUTE – 10-25 Satoshi. – 5 Satoshi. – 10-50 Satoshi.

5 MINUTES – 10-60 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-60 Satoshi (Popup). – 20-70 Satoshi. – 50-100 Satoshi. – 25 Satoshi. – 50 Satoshi + Dice. – 20-50 Satoshi. – 20-70 Satoshi. – 20-100 Satoshi (Popup) – 10-40 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-30 Satoshi. – 15 Satoshi + 100 Satoshi URL shortener bonus (Popups) – 20-100 Satoshi (Popup). – 50-70 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-30 Satishi (Popup). – 15-50 Satoshi (Popup). – 20-50 Satoshi (Popup). – 25 Satoshi (Popup). – 15-50 Satoshi (Popup). – 30-50 Satoshi. – 4-40 Satoshi (Popup).– 15-50 Satoshi (Popup). – 18-93 Satoshi (Popup). – 15-200 Satoshi. – 10-100 Satoshi. – 20-80 Satoshi. – 20-80 Satoshi. – 20-80 Satoshi. – 15-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Freekans” to login). – 15-64 Satoshi + Dice. – 20-100 Satoshi. – 50 Satoshi. – 15 Satoshi. – 10-50 Satoshi. – 10-30 Satoshi (Popup). – 15-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Bonuskans” to login) – 20-100 Satoshi. – 20-40 Satoshi. (Enter ”Coinkans” to login). – 20-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Kryptokans” to login). – 15-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Paykans” to login). – 20-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Getkans” to login). – 20-50 Satoshi (Enter ”Earnkans” to login). – 10-25 Satoshi. – 20-1000 Satoshi. – 15 Satoshi. – 12 Satoshi (Popup). – 15-2500 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-1200 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-1000 Satoshi. – 25 Satoshi.  – 19-39 Satoshi (Popup)  – 10-30 Satoshi (Popup)  – 10-35 Satoshi.

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40 MINUTOS  – 20-80 Satoshi.

1 HORA  – 40-60 Satoshi.  – 50 Satoshi.  – 50 Satoshi.  – 20-100000 Satoshi.  – 50 Satoshi.  – 25-500 Satoshi (Popup).  – 100-120 Satoshi.  – 10-5000 Satoshi. 10%referral  – 80-120 Satoshi + 100 Satoshi  – 10-100 Satoshi. – 50 Satoshi (Popup). – 35-1500 Satoshi. – 40-80 Satoshi. – 75 Satoshi (Popup). – 40-125 Satoshi (Popup) – 10 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-30 Satoshi. – 50-150 Satoshi (Popup). – 25-4300 Satoshi (Popup). – 20 Satoshi. – 100-250 Satoshi (Popup). – 30 Satoshi (Popup). – 50 Satoshi (Popup). – 40-80 Satoshi. – 40-60 Satoshi. – 50-100 Satoshi (Popup). – 15-30000 Satoshi (Popup). – 60-100 Satoshi. – 15-100 Satoshi. – 20 Satoshi + Dice – 25-50 Satoshi. – 15 Satoshi.

90 MINUTES – 100-333 Satoshi.

2 HOURS – 50-300 Satoshi. – 50-1500 Satoshi. Minimal payout 500 Satoshi. – 51-1001 Satoshi. – 10-300 Satoshi. – 40-60 Satoshi (Popup) – 40-60 Satoshi (Popup). – 10-100 Satoshi.

3 HOURS – 25-200 Satoshi. – 20 Satoshi.. – 50-5000 Satoshi.

4 HOURS – 4-230 Satoshi.

5 HOURS – 50-150 Satoshi.

6 HOURS – 50-5000 Satoshi (Safety limits). – 100 Satoshi. – 100 Satoshi.

10 HOURS – 200-2000 Satoshi (Safety limits). – 78-150 Satoshi. – 50-100 Satoshi (Popup).

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20 HOURS – 30 Satoshi.

24 HOURS  – 10-30 Satoshi (Popup).  15% Referral  – 90 Satoshi (Popup) ..  – 33-66 Satoshi.  – 50-1000 Satoshi.  – 50-1000 Satoshi.  – 90 Satoshi.  – 50 Satoshi (Popup).  – 65-150 Satoshi.

Top 7 Bitcoin Advertising Networks Francisco Memoria March 2, 2017

If you own a website and would like to start earning some bitcoins with its traffic, you might want to partner with a bitcoin advertising network instead of Google AdSense. These networks essentially serve ads on your website on behalf of advertisers that work with them, and will pay you once you reach a certain threshold. They can be a great way to earn a few bitcoins, while blogging about what you love. Here are some of the best ones (in no particular order):


CoinURL lets users earn in two different ways: either through interstitial ads, or through banner ads. Interstitial ads allow users to monetize shortened links, which can be used in tweets and Facebook posts, as they appear when the user clicks the link. This can, however, be extremely annoying for some few users.

Banner ads are displayed on your website, and allow you to earn in the popular PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC. Recently, some people have been claiming the website stopped paying, we could not however confirm this.


With AdBit, advertisers bid against each other for a share of a publisher’s ad space. Basically, as a publisher, you will give advertisers a small advertising space on your website, and will earn according to the amount being bidden – if advertisers love your website you will earn more, and if they do not you may still earn a few satoshis for setting the ad space up.


BitMedia allows publishers to display both text and banner ads, and has a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01 BTC. The network can be seen as bitcoin’s version of Google AdSense, as it uses the effective PPC model and offers very high rates, as long as your website passes its strict approval criteria and has high-quality traffic.


Mellow Ads is a veteran in the market, and it can help your website either earn a lot, or a little, depending on the quality of your traffic. Reportedly, it pays per unique click or view, which means a lot of returning users may essentially mean publishers will not earn as much as they would expect. They only approve high-quality websites, but claim to give publishers 90% of what they get from advertisers.


Cointraffic does not give out a lot of information, but from what we have gathered this bitcoin ad network works with trustworthy publishers, and pays them well. Their support system is regularly seen as the best, as far as bitcoin ad networks go, which means they will quickly help publishers out. They calculate earnings in fiat currencies, but pay in bitcoin – this can affect your earnings if the price suddenly changes.


It is not easy for publishers to work with Coinad, as they can only be accepted by invite. By only accepting trusted, high-traffic websites, they make sure advertisers get their money’s worth. Statistics given are rather limited, but the ad fill rate is great and, according to a few of those who’ve tried the network, publishers are well paid.

1. A-ADS

A-Ads (Anonymous Ads), is a bitcoin advertising network which does not collect any personal data. It has been around for a long time and is a very reputable service. To earn, publishers do not even need to register on the platform, they merely need to select an ad unit type, filter ads that can be displayed on their website, and set their withdrawal parameters. Publishers are paid per unique impressions, possibly on a daily basis, and can also earn through referred sales, depending on the advertisers.

Blockstream Satellite: Bitcoin estará disponível para todos, mesmo sem conexão com internet

Technology has transformed industry after the industry, and is now revolutionizing money and the way people save and trade with each other. Are we finally free of banks?

In less than a decade, Bitcoin has gained impressive adoption and is now at the heart of innovation, leading the way in defining the future of money. To accelerate this future, Blockstream is happy to announce the Blockstream Satellite – another step in the journey for everyone on the planet to join Bitcoin.

The Blockstream Satellite is the first service in the world that broadcasts Bitcoin transactions in real time through a group of satellites in space. With the service, everyone will have free access to the Bitcoin network, anywhere in the world, including the four billion people currently not connected to the Internet, due to lack of availability or accessibility.

At launch today, Blockstream Satellite is now available on 2/3 of the Earth; And it will reach global coverage – for everyone on the planet – by the end of the year. As more people access Bitcoin’s Blockchain with Blockstream Satellite, we expect to see even more adoption and use cases for Bitcoin as well as a strengthening of the overall robustness of the network.

Bitcoin disrupts and improves conventional systems

Since its invention in 2008, Bitcoin has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of innovators, investors and technologists around the world; These futurists see the value of a digital currency and payment system that is not controlled by governments, banks or companies , but rather where each user directly owns their money.

Consider the limitations of traditional financial systems, such as conventional currencies. For centuries, coins were issued and administered by governments, and the people who used them had little or no control over how their finances operate. From time to time, the coins failed completely, leaving the people who trusted them in their hands.

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Venezuela is an example. Earlier this year, due to Venezuela’s economic collapse, hyperinflation made a note of 100 bolivars worth a little more than a US dollar. Today, the volatility of Venezuela’s currency continues.

Currency crises such as these are pushing more people to Bitcoin because it offers people more freedom and control over their money in an uncertain world.

Consider other legacy financial systems. The online banking system, credit cards and PayPal have benefits, but are still controlled by institutions that can place limitations and restrictions on their use. The Bitcoin dissolves these controls, allowing people to pay any person safely , without having to open a bank account, get a credit card or work or rely on centralized intermediary.

The growth of  Bitcoin brings new values, a new ideology and a new use to the world . It is decentralized, fed by the people who use it. It knows no frontiers, it is not a legal entity, and nobody controls it. With Bitcoin, no one needs permission to negotiate with another person or company; We simply transact as we see fit. This gives consumers, traders and even entire economies more choices.

Blockstream satellite makes Bitcoin even more global

As the Internet has revolutionized communication, commerce, publishing and other industries, Bitcoin is revolutionizing money and value transfer. Built on peer-to-peer technologies , it’s inherently digital , free from central control and without permission. It will empower and connect users, equaling opportunity and access and creating long-lasting value in the long run.

Remember: The Internet was not built in just one day.

For Bitcoin to be truly transformative, it must be everywhere, available to everyone , and this is what we have helped to make possible with the radically reduced cost of Bitcoin network access to the Blockstream Satellite – an adoption tool in Join us today and start earning right now.

Investment plans
Our plans. What suite you the best?
We ask you to carefully read the terms of the investment. You can start investing 0.001 bitcoin, the amount of your investment is unlimited. Deposit is accrued after three confirmations. Your first profit will be credited to the internal balance within 24 hours after the addition of your deposit, the minimum amount you can withdraw is 0.0005 bitcoin. All payments within the project are automatic and instant.


Amount: 0.001 Ƀ – 10 Ƀ
Instant withdrawal.
Min. withdrawal 0.0005 Ƀ
Make Deposit

Amount: 10 Ƀ – 30 Ƀ
Instant withdrawal.
Min. withdrawal 0.0005 Ƀ
Make Deposit

Amount: 30 Ƀ – no limit
Instant withdrawal.
Min. withdrawal 0.0005 Ƀ
Make Deposit


Three-level affiliate program:

Are you an active user and would like to earn more? We offer a three-level partner program that is available to every registered user. Each personal account has an affiliate link, which can be used to register new customers. You just copy this link and send it to your friends or acquaintances, or place the link in the public access. You can also use advertising banners that contain a referral link and are located in your account. After clicking on this link and registering the account, the new website user automatically becomes your referral. The deposit of your referral will bring you a 6% reward. Deposits of referrals of the second and third levels will bring 2%-1%. To use the affiliate link, you do not need to make your deposit.



Make the right choice
We offer our participants to make the right choice of investments. To this end, we have created a unique platform. Our Bitcoin mining service is available to all. We use a variety of investment options for bitcoin mining.
What makes BitHashing the best choise for you?
BitHashing. It was founded in late 2015. As our company and its user base grew, new mining farms. The funds of our investors are used to develop technical capabilities and develop high-performance equipment for extracting the cryptocurrency. The increase in financial turnover guarantees a stable income for the company and our investors. A wide range of services offered by us has been specially developed to help owners of bitcoins make the right investment decisions. Our Bitcoin mining services are readily available, and any of our customers can start investing as soon as they are ready.
Our plans. What suite you the best?


  • Amount: 0.001 Ƀ – 10 Ƀ
  • Instant withdrawal.
  • Min. withdrawal 0.0005 Ƀ


  • Amount: 30 Ƀ – no limit
  • Instant withdrawal.
  • Min. withdrawal 0.0005 Ƀ
And more other great features
International company
Any user with access to the Internet network, regardless of place of residence, can become our participant.
Three-level affiliate program:
Affiliate program Present your project to your friends or any other community and get financial benefits 6%-2%-1%.
Free personal account
You can have your personal account within a minute. All you have to do is fill in a signup form.
Secure Sockets Layer
The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.
Convenient dashboard
We have improved the control panel interface, so it allows you to manage your tasks more easily and quickly.
Instant withdrawal
Withdrawals are processed instantly in automatic mode after your request.
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The Bit Hashing team is pleased to welcome every investor. You will become a part of our friendly team, trusting us with your money. Your trust is the most valuable resource for us!

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O Que são Faucets Sites?

O Que são Faucets Sites? Os Faucets sites são sites voltados a oferecer bitcoins em troca visitas. Estes faucets tem anunciantes que pagam para exibir anúncios. Faucets Bitcoin são sites de criptomoedas. Assim como no caso do vazamento de água de uma torneira, você precisa esperar por um tempo antes que você possa recolher as moedas acumuladas. Basicamente, Faucets bitcoin é um sistema de recompensas. Este sistema de recompensas do visitante acumula sob a forma de Bitcoin. Ao mesmo tempo, estas vantagens são acumulados em certos períodos de tempo. Faucets sites usam esse tipo de recompensas para atrair mais visitantes. Estes tipos de páginas da web geralmente contem alguns anúncios. Se os anunciantes querem que seus anúncios sejam exibidos no site da torneira, eles tem que pagar seus proprietários. O custo de anúncios é calculada com base no CPM. Isso significa que o proprietário do site recolhe mais dinheiro com anúncios, se o faucet site atrai mais visitantes ou se os visitantes passam mais tempo no site. Tal método atrai mais visitantes para que eles voltam novamente e novamente para receber as suas recompensas. Em geral, os visitantes acabam gastando mais tempo no site. Em outras palavras, Faucets sites obtem clientes repetidas vezes e o proprietário recebe mais dinheiro dos anunciantes. Faucets desempenham um papel vital no sistema bitcoin também. Eles dão as pessoas um estímulo para compreender e aceitar bitcoin. Se você sabe trabalhar com bitcoins, então você vai entender rapidamente que as unidades bitcoin coletados das Faucets são de um valor menor.

Bitcoin funciona como dinheiro?O que é bitcoin?

Bitcoin é uma moeda virtual e primeira rede de pagamento descentralizada (ponto-a-ponto) onde os usuários é que gerenciam o sistema, sem necessidade de intermediador ou autoridade central. Bitcoin é uma rede que funciona de forma consensual onde foi possível criar uma nova forma de pagamento e também uma nova moeda completamente digital. É a primeira rede de pagamento descentralizada (ponto-a-ponto) onde os usuários é que gerenciam o sistema, sem necessidade de intermediador ou autoridade central. Da perspectiva do usuário, Bitcoin funciona como dinheiro para a Internet. Bitcoin também pode ser visto como o mais promissor sistema de contabilidade de entrada tripla existente. Criação do Bitcoin Bitcoin é a primeira implementação de um conceito chamado de “cripto-moeda”, que foi descrita pela primeira vez em 1998 por Wei Dai na lista de discussão cypherpunks, sugerindo a idéia de uma nova forma de dinheiro que usa criptografia para controlar sua criação e as transações, ao invés de uma autoridade central. A primeira especificação do Bitcoin e prova de conceito foi publicado em 2009 em uma lista de criptografia por Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi deixou o projeto no final de 2010, sem revelar muito sobre si mesmo. A comunidade desde então tem crescido exponencialmente com muitos desenvolvedores trabalhando em Bitcoin. O anonimato de Satoshi frequentemente levantou preocupações injustificadas, muitos dos quais estão ligados a incompreensão da natureza open-source de Bitcoin. O protocolo e software Bitcoin são publicados abertamente e qualquer desenvolvedor em todo o mundo pode rever o código ou fazer a sua própria versão modificada do software Bitcoin. Assim como os desenvolvedores atuais, a influência de Satoshi limitou-se às mudanças que ele fez sendo adotada por outros e, portanto, ele não controlou Bitcoin. Como tal, a identidade do inventor do Bitcoin é provavelmente tão relevante hoje quanto a identidade da pessoa que inventou o papel. Controle do Bitcoin Ninguém é dono da rede Bitcoin muito como ninguém possui a tecnologia por trás do e-mail. Bitcoin é controlada por todos os usuários do Bitcoin ao redor do mundo. Enquanto os desenvolvedores estão melhorando o software, eles não podem forçar uma mudança no protocolo do Bitcoin, porque todos os usuários são livres para escolher o software e versão que eles usam. A fim de permanecer compatíveis uns com os outros, todos os usuários precisam usar o software em conformidade com as mesmas regras. Bitcoin só pode funcionar corretamente com um consenso total entre todos os usuários. Portanto, todos os usuários e desenvolvedores tem um forte incentivo para proteger este consenso. Vantagens do Bitcoin Liberdade de Pagamento É possível enviar e receber qualquer quantia de dinheiro instantaneamente em qualquer lugar do mundo a qualquer momento. Não há feriados. Não há fronteiras. Não há limites impostos. Bitcoin permite que seus usuários estejam em pleno controle de seu dinheiro. Taxas muito baixas Pagamentos com Bitcoin são atualmente processados tanto sem taxas ou com taxas extremamente pequenas. Os usuários podem incluir taxas de transações para receber tratamento prioritário, o que resulta em uma confirmação das transações mais rápida pela rede. Além disso, existem processadores comerciais para auxiliar comerciantes em operações de processamento, convertendo bitcoins em uma moeda fiduciária e depositando fundos diretamente para contas bancárias dos comerciantes diariamente. Como estes serviços são baseados em Bitcoin, eles podem ser oferecidos com taxas muito mais baixas do que com PayPal ou redes de cartão de crédito. Menos riscos para os comerciantes As transações de Bitcoin são seguras, irreversível, e não contêm informações confidenciais ou pessoais dos clientes. Isso protege os comerciantes de perdas causadas por fraude ou estornos fraudulentos, e não há necessidade de conformidade com o PCI. Os comerciantes podem facilmente expandir para novos mercados, onde os cartões de crédito não estão disponíveis ou taxas de fraude são inaceitavelmente elevadas. Os resultados líquidos são taxas mais baixas, os mercados maiores, e menos custos administrativos. Segurança e controle Usuários do Bitcoin tem controle total de suas transações; é impossível que os comerciantes forcem cobranças indesejadas ou não notificadas como poderia ocorrer com outras formas de pagamento. Os pagamentos com Bitcoin podem ser realizados sem vincular informações pessoais à transação. Isto oferece forte proteção contra furto de identidade. Os usuários do Bitcoin também podem proteger seu dinheiro com cópias de segurança e criptografia. Transparente e neutro Toda informação em relação a própria moeda Bitcoin está facilmente disponível na block chain para qualquer um verificar e usar em tempo real. Nenhum indivíduo ou organização pode controlar ou manipular o protocolo Bitcoin, porque este é criptograficamente seguro. Isso permite que o núcleo do Bitcoin seja confiável por ser completamente neutro, transparente e previsível. O Que são Satoshis? Satoshis é a menor fração ou parte do Bitcoin. nome é atribuído ao fundador e criador. O conceito foi criado em 2008 por um programador sob o pseudônimo de Satoshi Nakamoto. Pequenas quantidades de bitcoin usadas como unidades alternativas são o milibitcoin (mBTC), microbitcoin (µBTC) e satoshi. Nomeado em homenagem ao criador do bitcoin, um satoshi é a menor quantidade do sistema, representando 0,00000001 bitcoin, um centésimo de milionésimo de um bitcoin. Um milibitcoin equivale a 0,001 bitcoin, que é um milésimo de bitcoin. Um microbitcoin equivale a 0,000001 bitcoin, que é um milionésimo de bitcoin. Um microbitcoin às vezes é chamado também de um bit. TABELA DE CONVERSÃO Satoshis x Bitcoins como é contado? 1 Satoshi 0.00000001 ฿ 10 Satoshis 0.00000010 ฿ 100 Satoshis 0.00000100 ฿ 1.000 Satoshis 0.00001000 ฿ 10.000 Satoshis 0.00010000 ฿ 100.000 Satoshis 0.00100000 ฿ 1.000.000 Satoshis 0.01000000 ฿ 10.000.000 Satoshis 0.10000000 ฿ 100.000.000 Satoshis 1.00000000 ฿ como receber bitcoin? Carteira Bitcoin Uma carteira Bitcoin é algo onde são armazenados os Bitcoins. Descubra para que servem estas carteiras virtuais. Envie e receba Bitcoins em poucos minutos. Sua Carteira Bitcoin é o que permite realizar transações financeiras com outros usuários. É através da carteira Bitcoin que você pode enviar e receber Bitcoin para qualquer pessoa, em qualquer lugar do mundo, em questão minutos. Assim como o e-mail, todas as carteiras podem interoperar umas com as outras. Lista de Carteiras de Bitcoins A Xapo é uma das carteiras Bitcoin mais popular em Portugal e no Brasil, devido ao cartão de débito VISA, que pode usar para leventar numa caixa multibanco os Bitcoins da sua carteira virtual ou usar para pagar as coisas no seu dia-a-dia, como se estivesse a usar o cartão de débito do seu Banco. Foi criada em março de 2014 e hoje presta serviços de Wallet, Cartão e Cofre. A Coinbase é uma conta Bitcoin online, muito parecido ao PayPal. Além carteira Bitcoin, também é um exchange Bitcoin onde pode comprar e vender Bitcoins, enviar e receber dinheiro diretamente de e para endereços de email. mercado O Blockchain é também um dos sítes mais populares. Além de poderes ver todas as transações Bitcoin em todo o mundo, também tem disponível o serviço de Carteira Bitcoin. Tem várias funcionalidades de segurança interessantes, como encriptação dupla, suporte para transações offline e autenticação em dois passos.

Lojas que Aceitam Bitcoins As principais lojas que aceitam bitcoin como moeda de pagamento. Hoje no Brasil

Lojas que Aceitam Bitcoins As principais lojas que aceitam bitcoin como moeda de pagamento. Hoje no Brasil já chegam a milhares de comerciantes veja uma lista com os primeiros comerciantes bitcoins. Bitcoin é uma moeda virtual usada em transações pela Internet, sem a intermediação de bancos ou qualquer tipo de agência financeira. Uma das principais desvantagens de usar bitcoins é que a moeda virtual não é aceita como forma de pagamento em muitos estabelecimentos. Mas essa realidade tende a mudar conforme mais pessoas começam a adotá-la. Assim, a cada dia que passa, o número de lojas que aceitam bitcoin aumenta. Serviços que Aceitam Bitcoins Serviços de TI e Informática Dell – Empresa Mundial de Soluções Tecnológicas Microsoft – Empresa Mundial de Softwares e Soluções de TI Drall – Soluções em Tecnologia AppIdeias – Desenvolvimento de Sites e Aplicativos Mobile Hostinger – Hospedagem de Websites TargetHost – Hospedagem de Websites ChunkHost – Hospedagem de Websites HyperBit – Desenvolvimento de Software e Manutenção de Computadores MicroUm – Criação de Sites e Lojas Virtuais ETIST – Desenvolvimento e Hospedagem de Sites WebHaus – Hospedagem de Sites GrupoW – Sistemas para Internet Q2 Informática – Serviços de TI GV8 – Sites e Sistemas – Franquia de Desenvolvimento de Sites e Sistemas Lojas Virtuais Da Lata Head Club – Loja Virtual de Produtos de Tabacaria Joox – Loja Virtual de Cartões de Visita Personalizados RiosGames – Loja Virtual de Games Piratas – Loja Virtual de Moda Alternativa Masculina e Feminina GoSkate – Loja Virtual de Skate Nowear Loja Virtual de Camisetas e Moletons Lojão Auto Center – Loja Virtual de Peças Automotivas LojaBit – Loja Virtual de Importados ergoSP – Loja Virtual de Móveis e Acessórios Ergonômicos Ultrafitness – Loja Virtual de Suplementos Alimentares DUODRIP – Loja Virtual de Camisetas e Moletons de Games PCFloripa – Loja Virtual de Informática QueroVinho – Loja Virtual de Vinhos \r\n TerceiraIdade – Lojas Virtuais de Produtos para Terceira Idade Serviços Financeiros BTCJam – Empréstimo de Bitcoins PagueComBitcoin – Pagamento de Boletos e Recarga de Celular Serviços de Marketing Agência BMweb – Agência de Marketing Digital 55bits – Agência de Marketing Digital ProduWeb – Desenvolvimento Web e Marketing Digital Negalize – Produtora Digital Pousadas e Hotéis Pousada Luzes de Geribá – Pousada em Búzios Hostel Giramondo – Hostel em São Paulo ONGs e Institutos Sociais Instituto do Gesto Bom – Instituto Social Loja Defesa – ONG em Prol da Campanha do Armamento Lista com Algumas Lojas Veja alguns lugares nas grandes cidades brasileiras que aceitam Bitcoin como forma de pagamento: São Paulo Qaz Street Art – galeria de arte Prevet – clínica veterinária Nextway Informática – webdesign e programação Las Magrelas – bar e bicicletaria Wayne Tattoo – estúdio de tatuagem Aracaju Pousada Mar de Atalaia Amorita Joias – joalheria Salve – projetos de arquitetura e sustentabilidade Laura Figueiredo Advogados – advocacia Eduardo Borges – webdesign By Belle Boutique – moda feminina Casa da Cópia – gráfica rápida Rio de Janeiro Copa Apartments – aluguel de curta duração de apartamentos Dr. Pedro Briggs – clínica de dermatologia DMB Tecnologia – serviços de informática Porto Alegre Quer Beijinho? – doceria gourmet Acupuntura Doutor Bruno Villaça Negalize Interactive Things – desenvolvimento web Curitiba Electro Vibe – festas e eventos Q2 Informática – suporte em TI Microum – webdesign Natal Residencial Castor – apart-hotel MediaVIP – webdesign Brasília Mercado Viagens – pacotes turísticos Florianópolis Caracol Hostel Goiânia Adega Suíça – venda de bebidas Salvador Hospedaria Morada Simão Mota Belo Horizonte O Chaveiro Segredo – chaveiro 24h

common questions

1 What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used as a means of payment in a completely innovative way. Bitcoins are controlled by a peer-to-peer network. This means that it is not centralized, nor has a company or government controlling, in a similar way to the internet itself and is already a market that moves billions of dollars. Learn more by watching the video at the following link: What is Bitcoin? 2 How does Bitcoin Market work? Our site acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of digital coins. The price practiced in the transactions that happen in our site is given by the free negotiation between our clients. You can buy and sell when you want. We are a company registered as a service provider, under the name of MARKET BITCOIN DIGITAL SERVICES LTD, information contained in the Terms of Use of the site. Monthly, we issued electronic invoices of commissions referring to the transactions carried out in the period. We do not charge any monthly fee. You can learn more about bitcoin Market partners at: A 3 How is the price of Bitcoin calculated? The price is set by buyers and sellers who trade on the site. The price displayed on the home screen of the site is the price of the last deal between a buyer and a seller within our company. The Bitcoin Market only mediates the buying and selling of bitcoins. 4 How do I register at Bitcoin Marketplace? To register on our site, simply click on the “Register” or “Create your free account” option, which is on the Bitcoin Marketplace home screen. Then just fill in the requested information and confirm your registration. It takes less than two minutes to register. Referring to Fig. Is it possible to register my company in Bitcoin Market? What’s the procedure? Yes, it is possible to register your company. In order to release the registration at the Bitcoin Market, we need you to send the company’s social contract and a document with photo and CPF number of the person who will carry out the operations. The person must be authorized to respond by the company in the social contract. The email for sending is from our Support which is available at the top of this page. 6 How do I create my Bitcoin addresses? Your Bitcoin addresses on the Bitcoin Market website are on the home screen, on the link “ADDRESSES / DEPOSITS”. You already have a Bitcoin address that was created when you signed up, but you can create others by clicking the “+ New Address” Button inside this same screen. 7 What is Authy or Google Authenticator, how to register and how to disable? “Authy” or “Google Authenticator” are mobile apps that generate a random number every 30 seconds. This token is used at the time of login, an additional security step for you to access the Bitcoin Marketplace website. Two-step authentication is recommended as it greatly enhances the security of your Bitcoin Marketplace account. To learn more about Google Authenticator, we’ve listed this short text: If you want to use 2-step authentication, simply log in to the Bitcoin Marketplace site, click its name in the upper right corner, and then click Settings. The menu will appear on your right with the option of “2-step authentication”. Referring to Fig. What is a security PIN and how to generate a new one? The security PIN is a numeric code. You are prompted to confirm some site transactions. This feature further increases the security of your account. It restricts the conduct of fraudulent operations by unauthorized persons. To generate a PIN enter here. You will receive a 1-day email link. Once opened, it shows your PIN code. The safest way to store is to store your PIN and generate another in case of forgetfulness, since the link will stop working a few minutes after opening for security reasons. Referring to Fig. How do I become a VIP customer and what are the advantages? Being a VIP customer is free. By becoming a VIP, you can make deposits via electronic transaction (DOC, TED, inter-account transfer) and you will have access to larger limits at no cost. Send a digital copy FRONT and BACK, in a single file, of an official document containing your photo. Preferably, send a copy of your driver’s license (we give priority to the CNH conference). In the absence of it, it can be the RG, Functional Identity, or RNE for foreigners. The file can be a LEGIBLE photo with cell phone or camera, copy with scanner, PDF, or other type of image. Become VIP here 10 How do I have a balance in reais at Bitcoin Market? When you are logged into the site, simply click on “Deposits” on your left, create a “Deposit Notice” stating the amount you wish to deposit and which bank will deposit. You will receive the instructions, including the account number by email. After making the deposit, you need to return to the site and attach a copy of the voucher. This copy can be a photo with mobile phone, digital camera or taken with scanner. Attention: If you intend to make a bank transfer you must become a VIP customer. Only bank transfers of accounts of the same ownership of the CPF / CNPJ from the user register will be accepted. Become VIP here 11 I’ve made the deposit, now what? How should I proceed? Once you have made the deposit you will need to return to the website and attach the proof of the transaction so that the credit in reais is made available in your Bitcoin Market account. To attach it click the “Deposit” button. The Notice of Deposit you have created will be available, now simply attach the copy of the voucher. We remind you that the purchase of your coins does not occur automatically, who will make the purchase will be yourself, at the time you wish. 12 What are the payment methods in the Bitcoin Market? VIP customers can make deposits in cash or electronic transaction (DOC, TED, inter-account transfer) Non-VIP customers can only make cash deposits and there is a limit in the last 24 hours lower than the VIP customer. PLEASE NOTE: Payments by credit card, bank transfer or checks will not be accepted. You can check all limits on Commissions, Deadlines and Limits 13 How long will my balance in reais be available for trading on the site? On working days, deposit releases occur several times a day in the period from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the releases occur 3 times a day. Deposits are released on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to bank clearing of securities. It is important to inform you that this bank compensation varies according to the type of deposit made. In the case of a DOC, for example, the release takes place on a business day. In case of deposit at ATM the delay can be longer, since the conference is done manually by the bank. 14 How do I deposit bitcoins into my Bitcoin Marketplace account? To make the deposit of your bitcoins on our site, simply click on the link “ADDRESSES / DEPOSITS”. There you will find your Bitcoin address inside the Bitcoin Market website. Then, you must transfer your bitcoins to the indicated address. 15 I already have credit in reais on the site. How do I buy Bitcoins? To buy bitcoins go to the home screen of the site by clicking the logo in the upper corner and click “Buy” Enter how many reales you want to buy in Bitcoins and then click “Buy” 16 How do I sell Bitcoins? To sell bitcoins go to the home screen of the site by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner and click on “Sell”. Enter the quantity of Bitcoins you want to sell, and click on “Sell” 17 What is the difference between executed and executing order? For a negotiation to take place, a purchase order must find a sales order, or a sales order must find a purchase order. One of them will always be in the system first, waiting for a counter and corresponding order in value to be placed and the negotiation to take place. The order that was placed first and is waiting for the corresponding counter order is called an executed order, since it was placed after, immediately executing the opposite order that was already listed in the book, is called an executing order. 18 What are the fees charged on each transaction? To check the fees charged for each transaction between here 19 How is it decided whether the commission will be charged at 0,3% or 0,7% when a negotiation takes place? The commission (of 0.3%, or 0.7%) is only charged when a negotiation takes place. If you place an order, and it is not executed, nothing is charged to it. For a deal to always take place, a purchase order must be made to execute a sales order, or a sales order to execute a purchase order. One of them will always be in the system first, waiting for a counter and corresponding order in value to be placed and the negotiation to take place. The order that was placed first and is waiting for the corresponding order is called the executed order and will pay the commission of 0.3%. The one that was placed after, immediately executing the opposite order that was already listed in the book, is called an executing order, and this one will pay the commission of 0.7%. 20 How do I withdraw reais from the Bitcoin Marketplace to my bank account? When you have a balance in reais you can request the withdrawal of the amount you want to withdraw from the site. To remove bitcoins go to the home screen of the site by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner and click on “Take Out”. In the screen that appears, just enter the data of the service that you intend to do. 21 How soon will my cash withdrawal be available in my checking account? The deadline for service of withdrawals is up to 3 business days for requests that occur until 6:00 pm. Most times the time is 1 working day, but unforeseen events that extend this period can happen. Please be aware of our deadlines and limits here. 22 How do I transfer bitcoins to other portfolios? To transfer your bitcoins to an off-site portfolio, just click the “Download Bitcoins” button. In it you will indicate the address of the bitcoin wallet and the amount of bitcoins you want to send. 23 How soon will the transferred Bitcoins be available in the other portfolio? Withdrawals in bitcoins may take a few minutes or even hours, due to checks on the Bitcoin network. To check the progress of your transaction in bitcoins, use the link, just enter the wallet number. 24 Can I buy bitcoins on the bitcoin market with other currencies (dollar / euro)? We still do not work with dollars or euros, only with reais. Therefore it is not possible to convert to our site. 25 Is it possible to exchange bitcoins for litecoins and vice versa? It is not possible to make the exchange of bitcoins by litecoins in Bitcoin Market directly. We intend to develop a platform for this, but we do not have any plans for that yet. 26 How do I make payments on bitcoins? The company in which you want to make a purchase should provide you with a bitcoin account address to which you will transfer your bitcoins by making payment. This account address is an alphanumeric code with 34 characters or a QR code. To make the payment, just click the “Download Bitcoins” button. On this screen, enter the address that you will use to make the payment and the quantity of bitcoins you want to transfer, enter your security PIN and click the “Remove” button. The site will transfer this amount to the indicated wallet. 27 Where can I buy using bitcoins? We indicate the site so that you can follow, all over the world, establishments that already accept Bitcoin as payment method. 28 Do you issue invoices for transactions? How do I receive them? We are a company registered in the city hall of São Paulo as provider of intermediation services, under the name MERCADO BITCOIN SERVIÇOS DIGITAIS LTDA, enrolled with the CNPJ under No. 18.213.434 / 0001-35, information contained in the Term Terms of Use. We issue a monthly service invoice for all customers. We do not charge any monthly fee. We remain at your disposal if you need any further information. If you are registered in the city of São Paulo, there you will have access to all the notes issued to you. If it still is not, just follow the step by step below: How to register at the São Paulo City Hall to see my invoices for the Bitcoin Market: To register, it is necessary for the taxpayer to access the site: In the indicative arrow, fill in the CPF number and click on “I am not registered”. Create an access password, where they must be informed, personal data causing the taxpayer to have the registration in the City and his password to access the notes issued to his CPF. 29 I am already a VIP user and the current limits do not meet me. How do I get bigger limits? We can increase your limits and adjust to what is most convenient for you. To do this, we created a new category of customers, called “Gold” customers. In order to become a “Gold” customer, you will need to mail us a certified copy of an identity document and proof of residence. You can post the documents to the care of: Market Bitcoin Serviços Digitais Ltda. – Olimpíadas Street, nº 205 conj. 464 – Vila Olímpia – Sao Paulo – 04551-000. 30 Does the Bitcoin Market have an API for querying bitcoins and litecoins? We have two APIs for Bitcoin and Litecoin. One of them is to consult public data of the site such as quotations and negotiations made on the site. The Data API is available here. The Negotiation API, which can be used to automate negotiations since with a brief programming knowledge, is available here. 31 How do I register / change / delete current accounts for withdrawals? Access the “Settings” menu by clicking on your username, then click “Bank Accounts” in the menu on the left. Register on this screen the bank accounts that you will use to withdraw from Reais in the Bitcoin Market. Only accounts linked to the same CPF / CNPJ validated in your Bitcoin Market account will be allowed. 32 How do I register, change or delete Bitcoin addresses or for withdrawals and payments? Access the “Settings” menu by clicking on your username, then click “Bitcoin and Litecoin Addresses” in the menu on the left. Sign on this test the bitcoin or litecoin addresses that you will use for your withdrawals. With the registered addresses, you do not have to fill in the same data every time, when making withdrawals. 33 How do I change my password? Access the “Settings” menu by clicking on your username, then click “Change Password”. Just enter the old password and create new password, followed by confirmation. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the “Forgot your password?” Option on our website access screen. 34 How do I change my email address? Access the “Settings” menu in the “Change E-mail” option. To request the change, please fill in your new email address and PIN. If the data is correct, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the new e-mail address. You must click the link within the body of the email to effect the change. 35 I did not receive the account validation email. What to do? Check your spam box and, if you did not receive the validation email, please contact our Support as per the data at the top of this page. 36 I can not attach files. What to do? Our site does not allow uploading files using the Internet Explorer browser. In addition, we suggest that all attachments be placed in PDF so that the images are gathered in a single file. If your problem does not fall into either of these cases, please contact our Support whose contact is available at the top of this page. 37 What is the difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin? Bitcoin was the first digital currency to use encryption to be created. After its invention, several other currencies appeared and between these the Litecoin stood out. To understand the differences between them, we suggest accessing this article on the BitcoinBrasil blog, which is probably the most complete written in Portuguese: Litecoin ganhar bitcoin, investir bitcoin, investir em bitcoin, prova de pagamento, – TAGS IGNORE – bitcoin grátis, bitcoin, ganhar dinheiro, dinheiro ,bitcoin, coin ganhar dinheiro ganhar dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, muito dinheiro, dinheiro dinheiro rápido , dinheiro, bitcoin gratis, bitcoin, ganhar dinheiro, dinheiro ,bitcoin, dinheiro, ganhar dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, precisando de dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, muito dinheiro, dinheiro , dinheiro rápido , dinheiro , ganhar muito dinheiro, bitcoins rapido, fast bitcoin, bitcoin fast, bitcoin fast 2017 Bitcoin Transfer Bitcoin Calculator Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Forum Redeem Bitcoin Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Investment Bitcoin Market Bitcoin Banks Bitcoin Charts Free Bitcoins Bitcoin Money Buy Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptomoeda presented in 2008 in the discussion group The Cryptography Mailing by a Japanese programmer, or a group of programmers, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto; It is also an online payment system or payment system based on an independent open source protocol called the “electronic payment system peer to peer”, inaugurated in 2009; It is also open-source software that the group designed to manipulate the currency and its peer-to-peer network (P2P or peer-to-peer). Unlike most currencies, bitcoin does not depend on the trust of a centralized issuer or a financial institution. Uses a distributed database, spread across the P2P network (users) to record the transactions. Using open-source encryption to provide basic security functions, such as making sure the cryptomaniac has ownership and semi-anonymous transfer of values, where it can only be spent by the owner, avoiding duplicate spending and forgery. It also does not depend on trust between different users (network nodes), where anyone can control and monitor a system node.

Bitcoin can be saved to computers or to pen drives in the form of “portfolio files” or as “online wallet services” provided by third parties; And in both cases can be sent over the internet to anywhere in the world or to anyone who has a “bitcoin address”, and can transact directly with one another using public key cryptography, without the intermediary of a financial institution. Transactions are verified by the P2P network nodes and registered in a public accounting database (public ledger) known as Blockchain. Because it is autonomous, the United States Treasury has classified it as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. The Bitcoin peer-to-peer topology, and the absence of a central management entity, makes it unfeasible for any financial or government authority to manipulate the issuance and value of bitcoins or to induce inflation by “printing” more notes. However, large speculative movements of supply and demand may cause its value to suffer oscillations in the foreign exchange market, the largest of its kind in terms of market value. Bitcoin é uma criptomoeda descentralizada apresentado em 2008 no grupo de discussão The Cryptography Mailing por um programador japonês, ou um grupo de programadores, de pseudônimo Satoshi Nakamoto; É também um sistema ou rede de pagamento online baseado em protocolo de código aberto independente chamado de “sistema eletrônico de pagamento peer to peer”, inaugurada em 2009; É também um software de código aberto que o grupo projetou para manipulação da moeda e da respectiva rede peer-to-peer (P2P ou ponto-a-ponto). Diferente da maioria das moedas, bitcoin não depende da confiança de um emissor centralizado ou uma instituição financeira. Usa um banco de dados distribuídos, espalhados pelos nós da rede P2P (usuários) para registrar as transações. Usando criptografia de código aberto para prover funções básicas de segurança, como certificar que a criptomoeda tenha propriedade e transferências semi-anônimas de valores, onde só podem ser gastas pelo dono evitando gastos duplos e falsificação. Também não depende da confiança entre usuários diferentes (nós da rede), onde qualquer pessoa pode controlar e monitorar um nó do sistema. O Bitcoin pode ser salvo em computadores ou em pen drives na forma de “arquivos de carteira” ou como “serviços de carteira online” provido por terceiros; e em ambos os casos podem ser enviadas pela internet para qualquer lugar do mundo ou para qualquer pessoa que tenha um “endereço bitcoin”, podendo transacionar diretamente uns com os outros, usando criptografia de chave pública, sem intermédio de uma instituição financeira. Transações são verificadas pelos nós da rede P2P e registradas em um banco de dados distribuídos (livro-razão público) de contabilidade pública conhecidos como Blockchain. Por ser autônoma, o Tesouro dos Estados Unidos classificou-a como primeira moeda digital descentralizada do mundo. A topologia peer-to-peer da rede Bitcoin, e a ausência de uma entidade administradora central torna inviável que qualquer autoridade financeira ou governamental manipule a emissão e o valor de bitcoins ou induza inflação “imprimindo” mais notas. No entanto, grandes movimentos especulativos de oferta e demanda podem fazer com que o seu valor sofra oscilação no mercado de câmbio, sendo o maior de seu tipo em termos de valor de mercado. ganhar bitcoin, investir bitcoin, investir em bitcoin, prova de pagamento, – TAGS IGNORE – bitcoin grátis, bitcoin, ganhar dinheiro, dinheiro ,bitcoin, coin ganhar dinheiro ganhar dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, muito dinheiro, dinheiro dinheiro rápido , dinheiro, bitcoin gratis, bitcoin, ganhar dinheiro, dinheiro ,bitcoin, dinheiro, ganhar dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, precisando de dinheiro , ganhando dinheiro, muito dinheiro, dinheiro , dinheiro rápido , dinheiro , ganhar muito dinheiro, bitcoins rapido, fast bitcoin, bitcoin fast, bitcoin fast 2017 Bitcoin Transfer Bitcoin Calculator Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Forum Redeem Bitcoin Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoin Investment Bitcoin Market Bitcoin Banks Bitcoin Charts Free Bitcoins Bitcoin Money Buy Bitcoin